Commitment to Producing Beef Better

In 2017, I made a personal decision to produce beef better after facing my own health issues and to improve the health of my family. So I quit using chemicals, soy, and gmo corn and started to produce the purest most natural grass fed beef possible. It has been much more labor intensive than before but the gains in a leaner, healthy beef loaded with 5 times the amount of omega 3 has been worth it. 

One of the first things I discovered that to produce a flavorful enjoyable beef was to harvest at the right time. I continue to only select the right calves for processing at the right age and condition. 

Our steak cuts, brisket, and roast from our calves will be smaller in size than what you will see in grocery stores producing more of an 8oz steak than growth hormone  18oz steaks that has become the norm of today. Our ground beef is 92% naturally lean with nothing added. 

To continue to break away from the grocery store method, I decided to provide the freshest beef possible. The beef you buy from us is not processed until you have paid and a delivery date is chosen. Our Beef hasn't  been sitting in the freezer, dragged around from farmers market to farmers market in hopes that it will sell. We are one of the rare farm to plate beef producers that offers fresh delivery of beef. 

Our farm to market beef from our farm to your plate with the quality of the days of old, using standards of today. 

Processing is done by Cearbhall Home Slaughter Services is a  state licensed custom meat processing mobile unit serving central Texas. Our cattle never have to go though the stress of shipping, making for healthier, happier, quality beef.